Our Mission

Roam is ****the platform for purchasing a home with an assumable low-rate mortgage included. Roam helps buyers purchase a home with a mortgage as low as 2%, resulting in a monthly payment that is less than half of a traditional mortgage at today’s current rates.

Our mission is to make homeownership 2x more affordable for 1mm Americans by 2030.

When we launched, we were the #1 story in the Wall Street Journal since our story resonates with the millions of Americans who feel that home affordability is the #1 economic issue in the US. Since then, we’ve been featured in Good Morning America, Fox, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance.

Why you should join us

The home financing process has disenfranchised millions of Americans from the dream of homeownership today. Most home sales today require buyers to take out a new mortgage at market rates or have all cash. However, both options have become prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of Americans.

We have recorded the highest-ever average principal and interest payments for a home in the past few months. 1 in 2 mortgages these days have a monthly payment of more than $2,000. Less than 2 years ago, that number was more like 1 in 6. As a result, homeownership has been pushed out of reach for tens of millions of families.

Homeownership has become more unaffordable than ever before

Homeownership has become more unaffordable than ever before

What we do

We provide consumers with a 3rd option when they buy a home: cash, mortgage, or Roam

Our first product at Roam helps homebuyers wind back the clock and purchase their home with a low-rate mortgage included. We facilitate this experience with the mortgage assumption, a home loan that allows the homebuyer to take over the existing mortgage terms from the seller. This allows buyers to reduce their monthly payments by up to 50% and closing costs by up to 75%.

Long term, our product vision is to enable homebuyers and sellers to transact directly to save hundreds of billions in fees and millions of hours in overhead with a much simpler experience. We see Roam as the rails for a new system that will process the largest purchase of our lives and be able to adapt to any economic environment.

How we do it

While mortgage assumptions have been around for decades, awareness of the product is low, and the process is opaque and antiquated as documents often arrive by snail mail. The opportunity to assume a mortgage is hard to discover, and agents lack knowledge of or experience with assumptions and so do not guide their clients toward them.

Roam provides these key benefits for sellers, buyers, and agents:

  1. Discovery: Roam enables homebuyers to easily search for homes with mortgages eligible for assumption. Other digital real estate platforms lack this functionality.
  2. Simplicity: Roam manages the assumption process on behalf of sellers, buyers, and agents to help them have peace of mind that they will close on time. Roam manages all the operational details with multiple counterparties and provides customers with a hands-free experience.
  3. Transparency: Roam keeps buyers and sellers updated on the status of their mortgage assumption with an easily accessible online dashboard and timely communications. Without Roam, the assumption process is opaque and time-consuming, often requiring buyers to fill out forms with pen and paper and fax documents to the lender.

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